About Tammy

Tammy Schuster is considered among Michigan's most respected psychic/ medium & life coach. She has been seeing, hearing, and communicating with the spirit world since a very young age and has been providing services as a psychic medium for over two decades. She is featured for the past 10 years on TV 7&4 Up North Live television on  "Is Northern Michigan Haunted?" 

Tammy is also featured in Northern Express Publications,  Grand Traverse Magazine and featured in Haunted Travels of Michigan.  Adding to her credits, she has been heard on Northern Michigan's 106 KHQ Wednesday mornings for 5 years and Grand Rapids' Channel 95.7.

Tammy remains active in missing person cases . With compassion, caring and a touch of humor when needed she has helped many individuals and families connect with their deceased loved ones. Her goal is to help the survivors find a sense of peace and closure.

Tammy provides a unique perspective on psychic medium and is always eager to share her gifts and lessons with others. She believes that we can learn to connect with our loved ones in the spirit world and cautions people about true psychic mediums skills.

Tammy was also featured on NBC. "The Disappearance of Baby Kate."


Tammy's has been active with her  paranormal team, investigations from businesses/commercial buildings  and home dwellings. Visit the contact page to reach out to Tammy.

Watch for her Blog coming soon!!!