"This is the most rewarding and heart-breaking part of my gift. Helping families when they need answers that can NOT be found."

-Psychic Medium Tammy Schuster 


Here is what one of those families had to say:


Whom it may concern:

Please listen to Tammy Schuster and what she is telling you – she is right.


On December 14, 2011, my husband of 20 years went missing. That Saturday, a friend contacted me and asked if I would like Tammy’s help in locating him. After talking with my sister, we decided that we would like her involvement. We spoke briefly by phone on Sunday for two purposes: to make arrangements to meet on Monday and so that Tammy could get a “vibe” from me – was I telling the truth on what I knew and more information on my missing husband.


The next day, Tammy met me at my house with some drawings in hand. When she initially showed me the drawings on that Monday, two possibilities came to mind – an old barn at the beginning of my subdivision or the buildings in a local park. As it turned out, they were buildings in the park where my husband’s body was discovered on March 16, 2012. He had committed suicide, I believe, on the very day he went missing.


Tammy was able to narrow down for me where my husband might be from a five minute telephone conversation.


Our first visit with Tammy left “no doubt” that she was real.  She told me that Clare had left a note for me in his truck that I had not found yet. She continued to tell me there is clues on his work computer and that Clare had been seeing a “for hire woman” and it was not the first time. She continued to tell me that lots and lots of money was missing and that we would never find that money. She told us that he felt this was the only thing he could do to protect his kids.


Keep in mind we told her NOTHING and none of this was in the press anywhere, most we were unaware of ourselves.


Here is what we found after her first visit. I did find that note in his truck, the note contained all the financial information about his 401k and accounts he had taken several THOUSANDS of dollars from. They did search his work computer and found he had been through many dating sites and was currently seeing a prostitute. They also found that he had searched “suicide”.

What Clare had taken was a rifle and weights from our home.  


Over the next couple months we would meet with Tammy about once a week. Each time she would offer more details, each to prove to be spot on as time passed. She told me that he would be found in the spring when the snow was gone and it would never be by family. She said a couple would find him.She at one point set a group of us down and described the things she seen as Clare walked to his final resting place. Keep in mind she did not know the area.. She talked about walking through a park, over a railroad bridge with water underneath, he walked along a river, past a quary, she could hear a dam in the back ground. With all those details our family knew exactly where she was talking about.She couldn’t tell if he weighed himself down and drowned or shot himself, she was having a hard time separating the two.


So many other details she shared I am sure have slipped my mind.


However, mitigating circumstances kept all of us from following her leads and searching the park more thoroughly. His body surfaced during the warm March spell in a quarry lake in Lincoln Brick Park, Grand Ledge, MI. On that first Monday, she told me that we would find him when it was warm and before a year had gone by. He had passed every land mark she had told us about. 

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Sincerely, Andrea Horstmanshof



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