Meet Tammy

Psychic/ Medium/ Life Coach


This reading takes between 60-90 minutes and will be quite extensive covering your past, present and future. This also includes communicating with your loved ones that have passed. (Done in Tammy's Fife Lake area home.

*PLEASE CONTACT TAMMY PRIOR TO INCLUDING ADDITIONAL PEOPLE IN YOUR READING. Arrangements can be made, an additional fee of $75 per person will be charged. Acceptable payment methods include cash, check, paypal, and Zelle. SORRY NO CREDIT CARDS!


PHONE READING 30 min./$75 or 60 min./$150

This reading you will prepare a list of questions you would like to ask. Be sure to write them down prior to this appointment. *MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE OF READING* Acceptable payment methods include checks, paypal, or Zelle. SORRY NO CREDIT CARDS!

LIFE COACHING fee is based on individuals and length and done by phone.

Guiding people to maximize their full potential, passion, self love, confidence and so much more. Together we will identify and over come barriers. Acceptable payment methods include checks, paypal, or Zelle. SORRY NO CREDIT CARDS!


VENUE EVENTS fee is based on size and location of events. Tammy's credits include,  sold out Casino Gallery Events and Speaking Events.

*Tammy does not do home parties or psychic fairs.

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My address is 437 Dolomite Trail Fife Lake, MI 49633

BUT GPS may spell it either Dolonite or Dolmite. We are located right off of M-66. When you turn onto our road go all the way to the end of the road, about 1/2 mile, the road will end at our house. GPS will say you have arrived at a log home, that is NOT our home!

 Psychic medium Tammy Schuster joins her good friend Josh David for some Paranormal Exploring. 

 Tammy and Josh have explored different sites in Ohio including old schools, jails, and cemetery's to name a few. They also have adventures planned in Michigan. 

 Simply click the link to start watching all that they've captured and where they are heading to next! Check back for new content!

Click to Explore with Tammy and Josh!

Part 2: Exploring a Haunted School

Part 1: Exploring a Haunted School

Visiting a Haunted Ghost Town

Exploring a Haunted Toy Room: The Stairs 

Returning to a Haunted Graveyard

Tammy's Grave Discovery


Paranormal Exploring