Full In Person Reading


This reading will take between 60-90 minutes and will be quite extensive covering your past, present and future. This also includes communicating with your loved ones that have passed. (Done in Tammy's Fife Lake, MI area home.

Phone Reading

30 Minutes for $75 or 60 Minutes $150*

This reading you will prepare a list of questions you would like to ask. Be sure to write them down prior to this appointment.  (Must be paid in advance)

*Please contact Tammy prior to including another person in your reading time. Arrangements can be made for an addition $75 per person


Available for readings, events and missing person cases. 

You may contact Tammy via e-mail: tammydschuster@gmail.com


*All readings must be paid in advance. Non-refundable.

What People Are Saying About Tammy

Rae Ann Thompson: "Such truth in your statement - you could even smell my grandmothers stinky lotion! LOL"

Dorla Johnson: "You are amazing..and i know from experience!"

Nicolette Tapert: "You are the best..."

Christy L Parker: "You rock Tammy!!"

Nancy Cook Covell: "My reading with you was awesome! And helped me more than I thought possible!"

Linda Rade Baker: "I told Tammy NOTHING and she did NOT know me. Hugs Tammy Schuster"

Jessica Stutzman Ferucci posted this: "Just had the most amazing reading ever from Tammy Schuster. All I can say is wow and I am finally feeling comfort. Thank you"

A Message From Tammy About Readings

My personal opinion; You should NEVER EVER give a Psychic/Medium ANY INFORMATION prior to meeting them OR even when you meet with them. You should ALSO NEVER TELL THEM WHO HAS PASSED, they should ALSO know this!

If they are truly gifted they will be able to pull all this information from you. For every REAL HONEST Medium/Psychic, you can be assured there is many MANY more just capalizing on peoples pain! 

ANYONE who has EVER had a reading from me will tell you I asked nothing and they told me nothing (except a FIRST NAME and contact number) 

Please protect yourselves from the deciet and ways of this double sworded paranormal world!!

I welcome those who are interested in getting a reading to post on my pages asking people who have ever had a reading what they thought. 



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