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Paranormal Exploring

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 Psychic medium Tammy Schuster joins her good friend Josh David for some Paranormal Exploring. 

 Tammy and Josh have explored different sites in Ohio including old schools, jails, and cemetery's to name a few. They also have adventures planned in Michigan. 

 Simply click the link to start watching all that they've captured and where they are heading to next! Check back for new content!

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Overnight at the Haunted Cottonwood Inn

The Haunted Williams County Jail

Part 2: Exploring a Haunted School

Part 1: Exploring a Haunted School

Visiting a Haunted Ghost Town

Exploring a Haunted Toy Room: The Stairs 

Returning to a Haunted Graveyard

Tammy's Grave Discovery

Explorer and Psychic Get Chased Out of a TERRIFYING SCHOOL! | Middle Point Part 1

Our HORRIFYING Night in a Haunted School with a Psychic and SHADOW MAN | Middle Point Part 2

Psychic and Radio DJ Contact Spirits in CREEPY Haunted Village (Part 1)

Freaking out in a CREEPY GHOST VILLAGE!! (Part 2)

Exploring a HAUNTED CEMETERY with a PSYCHIC! We Heard Whispers!! | Wolfinger Cemetery

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